Well, only two weeks to go and I think after a two week break it was a scary thought how we only had one further rehearsal before show day on Wednesday 21st April. 

At last nights rehearsal Chyna Whyne couldn’t make it so it was interesting with a capital ‘I’ having to teach ourselves and instead of one teacher their was over eight!

Fortunately, we cracked it or at least 90% and the video will reveal the cracks which need tweaking but we have to remember we are amateurs.

Last night we got to try on the corsets from Dee and her team and it was great fun.  One of the ladies was rather apprehensive about wearing a corset but once she got it on she just came alive and wanted to keep it on but alas they needed to go back to Twin Cheeks in Ascot.

The clothes from LK Bennett weren’t such a success or the shoes but we have two weeks to get that element right.

So, if you want to master the art of wearing stilettos then you need to come along to ‘Sexy Heels in the City’ and learn about the Alexander Technique and you too will be able to strut your stuff on Wednesday 21st April.

My tip for the week on this project is to ask yourself where your legs start.   If you have said from your hips you are wrong they start from your core.  So, when you put your heels on put your hands on your stomach and feel the legs and then present the thigh and head up and banish the silly walk in heels.   

To see it by a professional click on www.walkinginstilettos.com or www.sexyheelsinthecity.com where you can also buy tickets and have a chance to win a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

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