Chyna Dolls and Fellas complete routine for ‘Sexy Heels in the City’

On Friday night we finally completed the full routine and I have to say it is looking good.  So, now I know the four minute routine for the ‘Walking in Stilettos’ single and just hope I can stay focused and remember it all and more importantly not fall off the stage as we do have a few risky moves!

Thank goodness though for the Alexander Technique otherwise I wouldn’t last five minutes as strutting around for over three hours in four inch heels is not easy let me tell you.   The exercises that go hand in hand with wearing killer heels are really the saving grace.

Chyna was really pleased with the routine and I think for those of you who are going to come along on Wednesday 21st April that you will be pleasantly surprised to see what amateurs can achieve.

The great news is that LK Bennett and Twin Cheeks agreed this week to be sponsors for the shoes, suits and corsets so we are going to be looking hot.

Remember if you want to come along on Wednesday 21st April, just click on and purchase your ticket for £20.00.

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