2nd instalment on my personal progression for ‘Sexy Heels in the City’

Last night was our second rehearsal at the studio in Camden and boy did my feet hurt, but then I had had an hour’s lesson in my 4 inch heels prior.   During my Alexander Technique lesson, Chyna had made me walk, sorry strut up and down Mandeville Place off Bond Street three times at 6pm which was rush hour so really embarrassing and then it was followed by us dancing solidly for 2 ½  hours so not surprising.

Anyway, I am assured if I wear my heels for at least an hour a day that I will harden up to them for the 21st so, I am presently sat at my computer in them.

So, what were my thoughts yesterday for the rehearsal well, I was excited and when I walked into the room didn’t feel as nervous as last week and I hadn’t had a drink at lunch time, in fact I felt confident or at least I was till I saw the website man with his video camera and then to my horror a camera crew from the BBC filming for a documentary.

Well the show must go on, so I just got on with strutting and we learnt many more moves, in fact I think we must have covered 3 minutes of the 5 minute track – yup for five minutes I have to concentrate on my moves.  To top that, I now have the job of leading the ladies on to the stage so please don’t let me trip or get stage fright.

I now have the DVD of ‘Walking in Stilettos’ so I can learn the lyrics and practise at home which I did this week to the delight of the builders presently working on my flats.

On Tuesday I am taking Chyna to meet Dee at Twin Cheeks to look at the corsets for the show and they are stunning so if you want a corset check out Twin Cheeks at www.twincheeks.biz.

So, please check in with me next week so you can follow my journey to the big performance on Wednesday 21st April.

To see the details for the event please click on www.walkinginstilettos.com.

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