Sexy Heels in the City

Let’s face it ladies, this is every girls dream to be able to walk in high heels well, without sticking out your bottom or your boobs.

About two months ago, I was attending an Athena lunch in Chelsea Harbour where I am a member and Chyna Whyne turned up.   Chyna was wearing the most amazing pair of killer heels and also had the most amazing presence when she entered the room.   So after the meeting we agreed to meet up, as I had picked up in her one minute the mention of Jimmy Choos and, let’s face it ever bride wants to wear them with her wedding dress or something similar.

So, off I went to her studio just off Bond Street to hear more about ‘Mastering the Art of Wearing Stilettos’.

For those of you who know me, I am 5’8 and don’t really do high heels, an LK Bennett kitten heel is my comfort zone.   Stilettos are not the most practical in my job as a wedding planner, as I do a lot of running around and a 4 or 6 inch heels would not do me any favours after an average 16 hour day so the challenge began to get me to wear them for more than five minutes.

Chyna explained that it is all about posture and using the Alexander Technique you can wear high heels and not only wear them but be confident which is key.

So, after our initial chat and learning the exercises which are crucial I put on a pair of 4 inch heels and got strutting. 

It was a bit like being a child again when you first put on a pair of your mothers shoes when dressing up as you totter all over the place.   But, then I started to get confidence and after half an hour I felt like a new me.   Suddenly, it all made sense to me about my posture and if you like yourself from the inside out then anything is possible and this was going to be my mission with my brides.

When I speak with other suppliers who ensure the success of the wedding they agree with me that it all starts from inside out.   

I recently met with three very different dress designers, Yemi of Kosibah, Vlasta of Vlasta Collu and Dee of Twin Cheeks and they all agreed with me that they explain to all their brides the importance of their ‘posture’ to create the right look in the dress and the importance of  getting the shoes right.

Also, when I was talking with Sarah Jagger a renowned make up artist she made a very valid point that when having the trial of make up and hair you need to wear the wedding dress and shoes so you get the full look as the majority of time you will be taken out of your comfort zone to be princess for a day.    

Now, for the fun part as Chyna asked if I would like to participate in a show where she was going to launch her new single as not only is she the heel guru but an amazing soul singer and this event would coincide with opening a new studio in March.   So, I have to confess I didn’t even think about it and replied yes you can sign me up.

After committing to it, I started to receive emails about the finer details and suddenly thought what have I let myself in for.   I was going to be expected to walk in stilettos of 4 to 6 inches on a catwalk in front of over 100 people which would include men.  Then, the biggest hurdle for me as I learnt that maybe I would have to wear a corset or even hot pants.    Now I was totally out of my comfort zone and again for those of you who know me I am not really a corset and hot pant lady more like twin set and pearls.

Anyway, we had our first rehearsal last Friday night and I can’t wait for the next session on Friday night leading up to the finale on Wednesday 21st April.   It might have helped that I had a drink at lunchtime as I had a networking lunch but after an hour I managed to relax and got into the mood and was strutting my stuff.   

Within the routine there are four other girls and five boys and I have to say that I felt like the frump as two of the young girls were dancers, one was a model and then the other a high powered lawyer.  So, we learnt our routine as I counted one, two, three, four and with five chaps watching it wasn’t easy but when they partnered up with us it was fine as I didn’t feel so conscious.

It is going to be a great night out for girls who want to learn to master the art of wearing stilettos and let me tell you if I can do then anyone can.   Also, you will learn some flirting skills using the shoe and let me tell you it works as I gave the tip to a girlfriend and it was a hit.

My reason for getting involved is not only to encourage all my brides to go to one of Chyna’s workshops to master the art of wearing high heels as it goes hand in hand with the purchase of an amazing dress, having the perfect make up and hair and then you will have the full look of POSTURE.    I also wanted to try it out for myself and to feel like a real women not only so my partner would think ‘alright’ but so if I was in the mood I could put on my heels and cook dinner or go supermarket shopping. 

So, if you want to learn more about ‘Sexy Heels in the City’ then put Wednesday 21st April in the diary and get yourself along to The Broadgate Tower near Liverpool Street at 6pm and join in the fun as Chyna shares her experiences of master the art of wearing stilettos and the journey she took to be the heel guru.  

You might even win a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

To book your ticket at £20.00 each which includes champagne and canapés please visit

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