Attending an Investiture

I just wanted to share with you, that if you ever get the opportunity to attend an Investiture whether at Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace then you have to do it.

It was just amazing, on Friday as we arrived to watch my Mum receive her MBE at Windsor Castle.   The sun was shining which was a pleasant change to the rain we had been experiencing and all the staff were do friendly and made you feel at ease.    The Investiture itself was most memorable and I felt very proud of my Mum and also out of the others the Naval Officer who received a Flying Cross for his time in Afghanistan.   Now, I am looking forward to seeing the photographs as the official process was a military operation in itself.

After the Investiture we took Mum for a celebration lunch with 14 friends at a local restaurant, The Leatherne Bottel which was a huge success and if you haven’t been it is the most perfect setting on the River Thames.   In fact it appeared in the Weekend section of the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

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