Real Gems from the National Wedding Fair

I decided to attend the National Wedding Fair at Olympia again last week as a colleague was exhibiting and I am pleased I revisited it after a two year absence as I found two real gems.

My first encounter on entering the show however was to be pounced on by a very good or should I say a scary sales man from N Power.  I was shocked to see them at the fair and quickly had to think of a reason not to get drawn into the strap line they were using of being able to give me £200 towards my wedding dress.   So, I quickly said ‘I am sorry but my partner handles the finances’ something similar to what I do with the cold callers who call of an evening when I put the receiver down and say I will go and get my partner and leave it off the hook for five minutes.

Anyway, that is enough on that as I am sure many of you who attended had a similar encounter and the reason for this blog is to share with you my find of the two gems.

The first little gem I found, was ‘The Crockery Cupboard’ who hires vintage crockery.  I really wish Rosalie and Jane luck as many weddings are themed along the lines of an ‘English Garden Party’ or ‘Traditional Afternoon Tea’ and not all hire companies offer vintage crockery.   So, do take a look at their website at

The second gem is a colleague, Vlasta Collu and her wedding dresses are just stunning and affordable.   Vlasta is one of the most approachable and knowledgeable designers that I have met and is also a qualified milliner so she can bring everything to the experience of purchasing your wedding dress.     When choosing a wedding dress it can be very daunting as there is such a wide choice of styles and obviously you will have a desired budget so my advice would be to talk to a designer by making an appointment.   For more details about the stunning range of dresses by Vlasta which were seen on the catwalk visit

As I said it was a joy to revisit the National Wedding Fair as a member of the trade and I think the new layout is great.

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